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Proform 500 SPX Exercise Bike Reviews (2023), Best Indoor Cycle

This bike comes with an integrated tablet holding place. Various other advanced features we will discuss in the following article.  Moreover, all these features are easily reachable. First of all, it is important to note that this unbiased review is based on my experience with the Proform 500 spx Indoor Cycle. Moreover for holding the table there is a slot in which the table can be placed firmly. Many bikes need to fit an external tablet holder which keeps on oscillating with the machine. It is not the case with the 500 spx proform bike. Let’s More Discuss about “Proform 500 SPX Exercise Bike Reviews” so that we can suggest you the best featured product.

Proform 500 SPX Exercise Bike Reviews : Buying Guide

What We Like Most :

  • Quick-stop braking system 
  • LCD display so you can check your progress
  • Belt-drive system for a realistic ride
  • Adjustable resistance
  • Fully adjustable seat
  • Proform 500 SPX Exercise Bike has an easy and precise adjustment knob for resistance training. That control 18 kg noiseless flywheel.
  • Thus, no need to worry about the intensity of the workouts. The only thing you need to do is push your performance level beyond certain limits. 
  • Another important problem is handlebar makes a different sound and is very unstable during the exercise session. Such uneasy seating and noisy handlebar make your riding experience average. 
  • I won’t able to set the optimum position for the seat height and handlebar height as there is no proper arrangement. Thus, you always feel more tired while riding the bike. Also, it may be possible that you will not get all the necessary mentioned parts of the bike. 
  • The rolling mechanism makes it feasible to change the location of the bike frequently without much effort. Because of these easy and quick techniques, you can enjoy your exercise session anywhere like the garden, beach, near swimming pools, etc.
  • Proform 500 SPX Exercise Bike is available in the market for $620.


  1. Thus a lot of feature and affordable price makes you buy this product. 
  2. The bike has nice height and robust build quality with large enough space at the bottom portion to give stability to the bike. All the other main parts like the seat, handlebar, wheelbase can be easily adjustable.
  3. The smooth working noise-free large 18 kg flywheel will provide you training as per your requirement.
  4. This exercise bike has all the good specifications and good build quality.
  5. The bike has a roller on its backside for easy position changes.


  1. The most important thing you will able to notice after buying is it has too short and uncomfortable seats.
  2. The company provides poor customer service and replay with delayed responses that hurt the most.
  3. Also, there is no optimum position that can be set for handlebar height and seat height.
  4. Moreover, due to poor delivery service you need to wait much longer for replacements. 

Health Benefits of Proform 500 SPX Indoor Cycle

  1. If you feel lazy for waking up early in the morning then you can put this exercise bike just near to your bed. When your alarm gets on you can quickly get up from the bed and start cycling so that within 2-3 minutes of a simple workout you can feel fresh and your energies get to activate. 
  2. The other important advantage is you can take this bike anywhere you want without much effort. Thus, you can enjoy your exercise sessions while enjoying at the pool with friends or discussing in an online meeting with your staff, etc. 
  3. Doing regular exercise will also boost your stamina, increase your lower body strength, relax your mind from daily problems, boost your dopamine levels, etc. all these things will keep you calm during your work and improves your productivity and efficiency while working. 
  4. This home workout bike helps you to save bulky annual investment into the gyms, save your gym-going time, make you consistent in your workout programs and most importantly you will have no reason to miss your workout session after buying this 500 spx proform bike. 

Why You Need To Buy  Proform 500 SPX Indoor Cycle

  • This product is the most recent launch in the market. Buying such products are always advisable as one may find every feature as they want in these products. 
  • The market reviews and ratings don’t matter in the case of these products as they are new to the market. 
  • But it is important to note that companies are always positive about their new product. Thus, they always try to add some advanced features and feeling proud of giving extra features and technologies. 
  • Moreover, the cost of the recent products is less compared to early ones. As they need less time and effort for manufacturing. 
  • The manufacturer of the product are providing a large tablet holder, bottle with bottle holding stand, all the necessary tools for assembling and disassemble the product, various adjustments to the heights, size, and resistance, iFit Bluetooth connectivity with 1 year of free membership to guide you through various programs, etc.

User’s Reviews : What People Say about Proform 500 SPX Exercise Bike Reviews

The bike is wonderful. Simple to utilize. I additionally use for warmups before weight lifting, extending, or tennis. An unquestionable requirement have! Get a seat pad cover. Seat is awkward. Indeed, the water bottle holder is irritating in the event that you escape the seat you will hit except if you have a little jug or put the water bottle in reverse. I incorporated an image to help. Appreciate!!


My rating is remaining at 5 stars. Following 11 months of possessing this exercise bike, this bike end up being worth the cash! after having a eye massager this is my 2nd best deal.


Conclusion : My Own Expert Review

Overall , i am very glad with the reviews available on internet also when i use it personally i found pricy enough to buy. I recommend this product to you. ( Please buy with listed button below image, it will help us to bear the cost of this review site).

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